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OOOH I love art I do


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The undisputed real and true ending of Mass Effect

As we approach the 7th of N and we move into a new era of space based gaming, let us look back fondly at the adventures we all shared in the most bestest of games ever “#1 space boss centre of the universe best person in world simulator 2183-2186″ more commonly known as “Mass Effect”. 

In honour of the occasion I’ve drawn the 100% true and real ending of ME3 that we all know well, where Shepard is totally okay and so is Anderson, he was just napping and then Thane’s ghost showed up and everyone was all like “wow, Shepard, you’re like the best dancer ever, we were all just pretending you weren’t to keep you humble!” and they all danced and had lemonade :3

Thank you Bioware.



(p.s. Mordin’s ghost is at the bar with Sam and Karin… The artist thought of this beforehand and is in no way a forgetful fool) (p.p.s. Legion is data now and is in that screen making that message.)

Crosspost from my Tumblr, where you will receive more Mass Effect goodness from me if you want:…;

Indoctrination Theory
I love that theory. Spent hours watching videos about it on youtube, I like it, it's a clever reading, though I guess it didn't work out, huh?

Custom Shups.
My cheeky scamp Boss form Saints Row. Those games make me violently happy >:D

Femshep and her two beautiful spacewives. Bonus space hamster. WARNING! This piece contains guns, expolsions and innapropriate touching, that is, everything that's good in this world.
Hey guys! Been a while!

Just dropping by to let people on here know that I've launcehd a kickstarter for my new comic Kore! :happybounce:

The comic is 74 pages, in black and white and is totally awesome!

 photo BAnner-1.png
 photo Kore0028.png
 photo Kore0029.png

Do check it out guys! I worked my ass off on it and I'm really excited!

Love youse! Hug




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